Already established firms

Virtual offices

Company formation

We are experts in supplying ready made or newly formed limited liability and joint-stock companies. Ready made firms have many advantages over those built from scratch, the most important being that they can immediately be used for a transaction, as they are already registered in the Czech Republic.

Property acquisitions tools

Indisputably one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, Prague in recent years has attracted the attention of foreigners looking to purchase a home in the city. However, the rules for buying and selling property in the country are compicated. We offer two property acquisition tools : shelf companies and, for European Union citizens, EU Cards.

Schengen Visa

Upon registering by the Municipal Court as a shareholder or director in a Czech registered company, client can apply for a long-term visa (D+C) at the Czech Embassy abroad. Visa is granted for 1 year and is valid in the Czech Republic and rest of the Schengen countries.

Cooperating banks

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